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Pictured are two Castles calendar for 2013 from our history and chateau category.  These castles cover the world and display amazing feats of architecture, scenic backgrounds, and centuries of history.  These Castles 2013 calendars are beautiful.


Castles 2013 Wall Calendar

Castles 2013 Wall Calendar




2013 Wall Calendar


Your Price: $14.99!!!





Castles 2013 Calendars

In the old days, a castle was built for defense purposes and as a fortress.  It guarded against enemies and were also used as an offensive weapon.  In 2013, castles are homes for the rich and famous or they are historic sites for tourists.  The 2013 Castles calendars show some magnificent structures from around the globe.  Castles are no longer built, but there are many famous ones throughout Europe.  The Lake Island Castle in Lithuania is a site to behold.  There is the Edinburgh Castle, Windsor, and the Tower of London.  As these 2013 calendar shows, there are very few, if any, castles in the United States.  By the time Europeans took over the land, castles were a thing of the past. 



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