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Shown is a 2013 Safeco Field calendar from our major league ballpark category.  Safeco is the home to the Seattle Mariners.  The 2013 Safeco Field calendar shows spectacular views of the city and the baseball park, including views from the outside.


Safeco Field Seattle 2013 Wall Calendar

Safeco Field Seattle 2013 Wall Calendar



Safeco Field

2013 Wall Calendar


Your Price: $15.99!!!




Safeco Field 2013 Calendars

Unlike some classic ballparks that have been around nearly 100 years, Safeco Field has only existed since 1999.  The home for the Seattle Mariners does have a retractable roof, a great feature in a city that rains year round.  The 2013 Safeco Field calendar does not disappoint, giving you spectacular views.  You can even see Qwest Field off in the distance, which is the home of the Seattle Seahawks.  The Safeco Field park cost a whopping $518 million, with the cost being shoved predominantly on taxpayers.  The Safeco Field 2013 calendar also has pictures from the entrance to the park.  The previous home to the Seattle Mariners was the Kingdome.



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