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Below are two 'All Out of' and 'To Do' magnetic notepads from our mom and family category from the low price of just $4.99.  The 'All Out of' notepad helps to know what groceries to buy.  The 'To Do' notepad lets you write notes, tasks, and errands.


All Out of Magnetic Notepad

All Out of Magnetic Notepad


All Out of

Magnetic Notepad


Your Price: $6.99!!!




All Out of / To Do Notepad

Remembering what groceries to buy and what is needed in the house can get quite complicated in big households.  With the 'All Out of' magnetic Notepad to the left, you'll have something to put on the refrigerator to serve as a checklist of what you have to get.  The 'To Do' Notepad on the right gives you tons of room to write down the projects and items you need to accomplish during the day, week, or month.  The 'To Do' Notepad is also magnetic and can be thrown up on the fridge.  Get them both and you'll always keep track of what to do next.








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