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Shown is a Dr. Seuss Organization 2013 calendar from our family category from just $6.99.  Dr. Theodor Seuss was a writer and cartoonist in the twentieth century.  The 2013 Dr. Seuss calendar keeps you organized and has a magnetic mount feature.


Dr. Seuss 2013 Wall Calendar

Dr. Seuss 2013 Wall Calendar


Dr. Seuss

2013 Wall Calendar


Your Price: $14.99!!!



Dr. Seuss 2013 Calendars

Theodor Seuss Giedel was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1904.  He was a writer that took the name Dr. Seuss in his books.  He wrote such classics as How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Cat in the Hat.  These 2013 Dr. Seuss calendars combine his work and a family organizer.  Each page of the organizer has a memorable Dr. Suess anecdote.  The Dr. Seuss 2013 calendars are a helpful tool for the whole family.  The mini wall calendar is not a family organizer, but is a nice add-on if you're a fan of the books.  The writer, Thomas Giedel, retired to La Jolla, California and died in 1991.










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