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Here is a humorous Retro Mama 2013 calendars from our comical, family organization category for just $12.99.  The Retro Mama 2013 calendar takes a funny look at the traditional role women played in the kitchen.  The calendar can be folded up.


Retro Mama 2013 Desk Calendar

Retro Mama 2013 Desk Calendar


Retro Mama

2013 Desk Calendar


Your Price: $14.99!!!



Retro Mama 2013 Calendars

Back in the day, a woman's place was in the kitchen.  Today, that statement is humorous as opposed to factual and this 2013 Retro Mama calendar capitalizes on the stereotype of previous generations.  The cover features a 1950's-like woman standing in the kitchen doing household chores.  Of course, she wants a little wine to spruce things up.  The Retro Mama 2013 calendars has that type of humor through as it takes a contemporary view of an old style.  There are still those that take the 'traditional' approach and believe such things, but most of them are long gone.










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