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Pictured are two Scrapbook 2013 calendars from our mom's and family category from just $13.99.  The Easy Scrapbooking calendar to the left features colorful borders to place your pics.  The 2013 Create Your Own Scrapbook calendar is fun for all.


Scrapbooking 2013 Wall Calendar

Scrapbooking 2013 Wall Calendar



2013 Wall Calendar


Your Price: $13.99!!!




Scrapbook 2013 Calendars

With all new designs, the 2010 Easy Scrapbooking calendar gives you colorful elements for every daily of the year.  Each day has its own page with colorful drawings, such as stars, moons, and rocket ships.  The Easy Scrapbooking 2013 calendar comes in a jumbo box that is 7 1/4 x 5.75.  You can trim the date and paste the photo to the calendar page.  You'll be able to crop all day long as you create unique pictures with the borders of these calendar pages.  The calendar on the right hand side is the 2013 Create Your Own Scrapbook Memories calendar.  It contains many items, such as heart-shaped bordering.










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