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Pictured is a Lingerie Bowl calendar for 2013 from our football sports models category.  This spoof of the NFL involves hot women attempting to play football.  The 2013 Lingerie Bowl calendar is complete with female referees, players, and pigskin.


Penthouse Lingerie 2013 Wall Calendar

Penthouse Lingerie 2013 Wall Calendar




2013 Wall Calendar


Your Price: $14.99!!!




Lingerie  Bowl 2013 Calendars

Super Bowl XXXVIII featured the New England Patriots against the Carolina Panthers and had a halftime show that was controversial with Janet Jackson.  Luckily, you would've missed that halftime show had you tuned into the Lingerie Bowl on pay per view.  The game focuses on girl football players in very little clothing.  The 2013 Lingerie Bowl calendar follows the same theme, with hot women playing football.  The second season featured four different teams and the league was called the LFL, similar to the NFL.  The Lingerie Bowl had moderate success, but the 2013 calendar is even more successful.  The calendar has over a dozen women from the teams.  Buy it now to see the lingerie bowl girls.



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