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Featured below is an annual subscription of The American Prospect magazine for only $19.95.  A subscription to The American Prospect Magazine provides you with an in-depth analysis of the political world in DC from a liberal or progressive point of view.


The American Prospect Magazine


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American Prospect Magazine Subscriptions

A journal that focuses on American policy and culture.  It is a left leaning publication that speaks about the Democrats view on certain policies, such as abortion, war, economic policy, etc.  Lately, the Democratic message from the leadership has been muddled at best.  However, the constituency has remained firm in their beliefs.  The latest issue of American Prospect magazine speaks of the corrupt Karl Rove.  The president is quoted as saying that the people responsible for revealing intelligence information are the most insidious of traitors.  Now that we know Rove is the bad guy, the president has changed his tune.  This explores those concerns and many others. 




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