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Below is photo or poster of Eating Above Manhattan (Lunchtime Atop a Skyscraper) by Bettman-Corbis.  This Eating Above Manhattan poster or picture is a classic and is often found in many small restaurants.  You can see the skyline of Manhattan.

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Lunchtop Atop a Skyscraper


Eating Above Manhattan

(Lunchtime Atop a Skyscraper)

Posters, Picture, Photo

20 x 9


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Eating Above Manhattan Posters

This best-selling black and white poster features workers eating their lunch on a beam high atop a skyscraper above Manhattan in the heart of New York City.  These brave men do what few of us can or would do.  There are eleven men lined up in a row on just a small, flat beam above the city of New York.  If you were to pan the picture out, you would see that they are constructing a skyscraper and that there is much more to this building.  Below them, you can see all of Manhattan, from the small building to the large, office buildings.  Even off in the distance in this Manhattan poster, one can see a faint glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean.






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