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Below is a poster of Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Britain.  This poster depicts Sir Winston Churchill later in life, posing for a picture with cigar in hand.  Winston Churchill was best known for being the leader of Britain during World War II.


Sir Winston Churchill



Sir Winston Churchill

32 x 26 Wall Poster



Your Price: $45.99!!!



Sir Winston Churchill Posters

He was born in November of 1874 in Great Britain to a very affluent family.  Winston Churchill's father was a politician and his mother was worth millions.  Despite this wealth, or because of it, Winston was sent off to boarding schools as a young man.  He was related to an influential politician and he was drawn into the business.  In 1906, Churchill won a seat in their government.  Winston Churchill was so talented that he won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1953.  Winston Churchill became Prime Minister in 1940 and served for five years until the end of World War II.  He then served again from 1951 -1955.  Sir Winston Churchill passed away in January of 1965.



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