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Pictured is a Flash Gordon t-shirt for only $19.95.  The Flash Gordon t-shirt gives you a feel for the superhero and the speed he possessed.  The Flash Gordon t-shirt is designed in black and has the hero's name on the front in fire red with a lightning bolt.


Flash Gordon Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Flash Gordon Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Flash Gordon



Your Price: $21.99!!!




Flash Gordon T-Shirts

Another comic book superhero turned into television star is Flash Gordon.  He began in 1934 as a lightning fast superhero that could run to all points on the earth to save mankind.  Flash Gordon was made into film in the late 1930's, but did not become a feature film until 1980.  The 1980 movie starred Sam Jones as the hero, with Melody Anderson and Timothy Dalton in supporting roles.  The Flash Gordon t-shirt above is a classic from the original logo.  There is a new movie that is in the works, giving a new generation of people a chance to see his powers.  The Flash Gordon movie has not started production, but could be out in a year.








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