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Below are two Little Miss t-shirts from our what mood are you in category.  Roger Hargreaves was the author of Little Miss, a collection of 30 children's books.  The Little Miss Shy and Miss Late shown here are accompanied by a cute and tiny character.


Little Miss Jelly Bean White T-Shirt

Little Miss Jelly Bean



Your Price: $20.99!!!




Little Miss T-Shirts

The incredible popular children's book characters by Roger Hargreaves come alive in full color.  The Little Miss Shy t-shirt and the Little Miss Late t-shirts are seen here.  Both have the looks that describe their name.  There are a number of the female characters from the thirty books that were written.  Little Miss Bossy, Fickle, Fun, Greedy, and Helpful are just a few of them.  The Little Miss t-shirts are available in many of the moods.  Here we have Shy and Late, but they are interchangeable with others.  In addition, the men have their own series and there are shirts to describe their personalities as well.  Roger Hargreaves and his son Adam did quite well in his creations and illustrations.








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