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Pictured is a Nerds junior t-shirt for just $21.95.  Nerds is a candy that was produced back in the 1980's and featured colorful, small, hard pieces in a little box.  This Nerds Candy junior t-shirt is produced in pink, has a little guy, and says 'Nerds are cool.'


I LOVE NERDS White T-Shirt

I LOVE NERDS White T-Shirt






Your Price: $20.99!!!




Nerds T-Shirts

Another product sold by the behemoth Nestle are Nerds.  Marketed under the Willy Wonka Candy Company, Nerds became a huge hit in the 1980's.  They feature odd-shaped, little candies in a small box.  You could get two flavors in one box, separated by a divider and each having a separate opening, or you could get one flavor.  This Nerds t-shirt above shows everyone that Nerds are cool.  It's double meaning refers to the candy and to the people.  There were many different flavors of Nerds back in the 1980's, but their popularity has slowed down dramatically and not as much is produced.








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