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Pictured is a I SUQ at Scrabble t-shirt for just $13.99.  The Scrabble board game was and is a huge hit in the United States.  It was a board game that challenged the intellect of the user.  This Scrabble t-shirt reads 'I Love Nerds' spelled out in pieces.


Scrabble Marry Me  Wedding Light T-Shirt by CafePress

Scrabble Marry Me Wedding Light T-Shirt


Scrabble - Marry Me



Your Price: $24.00!!!




Scrabble T-Shirts

The game of scrabble challenges the mind and your vocabulary.  The word game was introduced as far back as 1938,  but did not become mainstream until years later.  Scrabble has become such a part of American culture that there are tournaments to determine the best player.  The game itself is often considered a little nerdy, and this Scrabble t-shirt embraces that mindset by stating "I Love Nerds".  The game involves making words out of a group of seven letters that are given to each player.  They must start at the middle and work their way out.  Each square on the Scrabble board is a certain amount of points and the player with the most points in the end wins.








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