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Pictured is a Union 76 t-shirt for just $19.95.  Union 76 is a gas station that was popular back in the day and was frequented by truck drivers.  This Union 76 t-shirt is produced in a daded grayish-purple color, with the '76' in the middle of an orange circle.



Union 76



Your Price: $19.95!!!



Union 76 Gas Station T-Shirts

Another historical gas station chain is called Union 76.  Much like Phillips 66, Union 76 is owned by ConocoPhillips Corporations.  Union 76 gas stations are well known for the orange ball that adorned their stations.  It became part of their trademark and very recognizable to all.  This Union 76 t-shirt shows the big, orange ball in the center of the tee.  Although the gas station existed before the sign, the logo was created in 1962.  The 76 ball was mass produced back in the late 1960's and tens of million of people owned one.  Although it is infrequently seen in the Northeast, the 76 ball is often spotted on the west coast.








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