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Pictured are two Wonder Bread t-shirts from only $18.00.  The Wonder Bread junior t-shirt on the left has a loaf split open and says 'Squeeze Me, I'm Fresh'.  The Wonder Bread junior t-shirt on the right is in pink and has the company's logo on the top.


X Wonder Bread X

X Wonder Bread X 


Wonder Bread



Your Price: $18.00!!!



Wonder Bread T-Shirts

Sliced bread is a wonderful thing and Wonder Bread has been around since 1921.  It took until the 1930's before it was sliced ahead of time, but it became commonplace ever since.  A light version of the product was also introduced in the 1980's, but did not sell as well.  These Wonder Bread t-shirts imply different things, as the first tells you to squeeze the owner and the second just says 'Wonder' across the chest.  A girl with that shirt on could make it have more than one meaning.  Over 80 years after it's introduction, Wonder Bread continues to be a strong seller.








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